Friday, July 10, 2009


Though I have found little use for MySpace lately, with Facebook proving what MySpace used to for me (social networking), I have found a new use for MySpace, Karaoke. Above is a karaoke attempt by myself. The selection of Karaoke songs is plentiful with many Jazz/Standards,Pop, Rock, R&B, Wacky, etc. If you have a MySpace account and were planning on deleting it, hold off until you've tried MySpace Karaoke.
To use Myspace Karaoke, sign in to your account, on the Myspace navigation bar, click More, (next to video), and click karaoke. You will have to download a karaoke upload manager. After this you will be able to record your karaoke attempts and allow others to view them.
Although Myspace Karaoke is free there is also a paid version with extra features, such as the ability to change the key of the song you are singing, add effects and save an unlimited amount of recordings (with the free version you can only save 10 recordings).
MySpace Karaoke provides great fun, and is worth checking out though, with the free version you are limited to I believe 100 plays (or recordings) per month. Another free karaoke site I would recommend is here.
Although this site is harder to navigate, and is a lower quality option, you are able to change keys of songs for free, as opposed to the requirement of having a paid account on Myspace Karaoke in order to be able to change keys. The lower quality of lies in its use of midi quality .kar files which users are able to upload to their favorite songs, as opposed to Myspace Karaoke's use of the original tracks with the solo track removed. Both of these sites will provide enjoyment, and I hope my review has been unbiased.

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  1. If you're into karaoke you should definitely check out