Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Foundation Series

   I have just finished a large part of Asimov's Foundation series

 ( Foundation, Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation), as well as Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth.  These books, especially the original trilogy are outstanding.  The best thing about Asimov's stories is that they are character driven.  Though the series is set in a highly advanced future, with wondrous technologies, the characters are always well grounded and relatable.  Another aspect of Asimov's books that makes them stand out is the way his books, as all good science-fiction seems to, turn an eye towards our society.  Though all of the books I have read so far in the series were written before I was born, they are very much relevant today, as can bee easily observed by the sheer numbers of Asimov fans.

  I will in time read the prequels ( Prelude to Foundation and Forward the Foundation.  I have long hesitated to begin the Foundation series due to the number of books involved if you count the expanded Foundation series books, this number is 29 according to Wikipedia.  In the past I read I, Robot, which was an outstanding book, but at that time I did not even know of the Foundation series.  When I encountered it later I was pretty sure I would love it, but I knew I would simply have to read every single book of the 29, though I will start with the books listed on this page.  I will undoubtedly read every single one of these books now, as I have been drawn into the Foundation universe, and I will not leave it without thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny.

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