Friday, September 21, 2012


With my recent purchase of the Humble Indie Bundle 6, I have acquired six great games (though more will undoubtedly be added as the sale comes closer to it's end), Dustforce is among those games.  Dustforce is a platforming game, developed by Hitbox Studios.  The game has an aesthetically pleasing art style as well as very catchy music and precise controls, numerous levels, and great replay value.

The inclusion of Dustforce in the bundle was a large part of the incentive for me to purchase it, and I was not disappointed, the game is similar to another game I have been playing lately, Super Meat Boy, and has many similarities, such as the platforming aspect, timed runs and moving through the level gracefully.  Dustforce, however, is also different in many ways as you have less death, at least in the early stages I have played, and the emphasis of the game play is on trying to sweep up all the dust while constantly filling up your bonus meter as well.

The art style is very nice, reminiscent of numerous anime and the music is pleasing to listen to, and, so far, it hasn't gotten repetitive or annoying to me.  The art is invigorating with colorful characters, smoothly and nicely drawn foregrounds and backgrounds with an overarching style that connects everything nicely.  The art  also helps to set the mood with sharp distinctions between the worlds, which helps to draw you into the game.

Dustforce has a huge number of levels in each world connected by a central area, and if you finally do master all the levels and miraculously get the highest scores on each (fat chance), you can make your own levels with an included level editor, with which you can make levels and share them with others.  The game also has multiplayer, unfortunately, however, it is only local multiplayer, but this game offers so much that this is really a non-issue for myself.  You can see the replays of others and vice-versa and their times on the leaderboards, which provides incentive to do your best and continually strive to shave a few seconds off your time and to better your score.

Dustforce has been a joy to play so far, and I intend to play it for months to come, Hitbox has done very well indeed with this title.  I hope you enjoy the video above and please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up with future videos.

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