Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Youtube's new commercial content ( Movies and TV shows)

Yesterday I discovered Youtube's new idea of having TV shows and movies as well as its standard content. Though I did not have time to examine it then, I did today. I have found the selection pretty good, especially since the content is free. The only price you must pay is the time it takes to watch a small commercial. I watched "Supersize Me", and it played flawlessly, with no problems throughout its hour twenty something minute runtime.

Many people believe that Youtube's introduction of this commercial content is a bad thing, and that it will ruin Youtube. I believe it makes the website much better and more fulfilling.

When I first discovered Youtube a long time ago, I was searching for content such as movies and TV shows. I instead discovered the very interesting user content that was greatly above my expectations, and I will never stop watching this content, but I want the commercial content as well.

I believe Youtube has taken a step in guaranteeing its continued existence with its implementation of commercial content, and I am glad I will not have to visit Hulu as much now to get the commercial content. I can instead get all of this content in one location.

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